Favorite Kitchen Tools

Hi, I’m Cathy, and I’m addicted to kitchen gadgets. No, I don’t want to seek help for it. It’s fine, I swear.

I dream of a kitchen with infinite storage, and am always trying to optimize the storage I currently have to help facilitate my addiction. I’m sure this is completely healthy behavior, and in no way related to OCD. Right? Right. I thought so, too.

Anyway, I wanted to make a list of my favorite kitchen tools. Maybe you’ll get some ideas, or maybe I’m just blabbing to myself. Either way- here goes.

1. My 8″ chef’s knife. How I lived without this knife, I will never know. I’ve only had it since last Christmas, but it has made food prep so much easier and faster. It’s from the Victorinox Fibrox line by Forschener, and it’s a fantastic value at around $30. It slices through everything with ease. I did quite a bit of research online, and apparently its performance is equivalent to that of $100+ knives (not that I own any of those $100 knives myself). The blade is very thin (and sharp, of course), and the handle is easy to grip. If I had to choose one tool to keep in my kitchen, this would be it! I can’t recommend investing in a good, quality, knife enough if you spend any amount of time preparing food.

No, Forschener is not paying me to endorse their product. I wish they were! Mr. Forschener? Are you reading this? Call me!

2. My 3-cup chopper. I have never owned a food processor, but this doubles as one for me and takes up a lot less storage space. I’m usually only cooking for myself and my husband, so the 3-cup size is almost always sufficient. I can only think of one time when had to process  a cheesecake mixture in batches. Anyway though.. this chopper crushes ice, dices onions,  chops herbs, purees salsa, and washes the windows. OK, maybe not the last one. But at around $20, a chopper like this is a sound investment anyway.

Bonus: The cup and blade are dishwasher safe. The cup  originally came with a lid (for storing chopped contents in the fridge) that was not, as it turns out, dishwasher safe.

3. My natural air-bake cookie sheets. When we got our parakeet, I had to replace all of our non-stick cookware (the fumes emitted by heating up the nonstick coating are lethal to birds. Not exactly healthy for humans either, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic. I would probably still keep around a few nonstick pans if I had the option.). Anyway, I found these awesome natural Air-Bake pans at Target. They aren’t coated with nonstick stuff, yet I don’t even have to grease them when I make cookies. It’s also hard to burn cookies with these. So, yeah… idiot-proof objects in my kitchen are always nice.

4. My blender. I could not imagine life without a blender. Life without smoothies… how depressing. Quick.. onto the next item!

5. My 2-Quart Mini Crock Pot. I also have a 6-quart slow cooker that I use a lot less often since the 2-quart size is usually perfect for meals for two. It’s also nice for keeping food warm at parties!

6. My juicer. I hate getting lemon juice on my hands, and I hate trying to dig a lemon seed out that slips through when you juice a lemon by hand. This makes hand-squeezed lemonade very easy to make! Also works on limes and small orange. Someday, when I have more space, perhaps I’ll get an electric juicer.

7. Last, and certainly NOT least [out of date tag… heh heh]: My KitchenAid stand mixer! I got this as a wedding shower gift from my husband’s parents, and I use it at least every week. It’s great for tough-to-mix-by-hand cookie batters, and also for whipping cream and icings! I plan to get some more attachments (slicing, grating, grinding) at some point in the future. Also, the bowl is dishwasher-safe… which is just about a must-have in this household.

8. Because I’m a spaz and forgot to include in the original post last night: My Microplane grater! Perfect for zesting citruses and for grating fresh ginger. I have also used this to grate cheese when I want it to be very fine. The lid it came with is nice too, else rummaging in my gadget drawer would be slightly more dangerous. I’m looking at you, pizza slicer.