Restaurant-Style Tomato Salsa

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Servings: 4



  1. Roughly dice a tomato and an onion. Be more precise if you don't intend to process your salsa in a food processor. Place in a medium bowl.
  2. Open the can of Rotel and strain approx. half of the juices into the sink. Pour remaining contents into your bowl. Add half a lime's juice and 1tsp (or 1 clove) minced garlic.
  3. Finely dice a jalepeno pepper, or half of a serrano pepper and toss into the bowl.
  4. Roughly chop the cilantro; toss into bowl.
  5. Add sugar, salt, and pepper.
  6. (Optional) Process the mixture in a food processer until it is of desired consistency.
  7. Serve and enjoy! :)


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