Favorite Free Foodie iPhone/iPod Apps

This is a list of my personal favorite free iPhone/iPod apps for foodies! I use most of these regularly, especially GroceryiQ!



Not only does this AllRecipes Dinner Spinner app feature some great recipes and inspiration, it’s just plain fun to use! You specify the course, ingredients, and preferred prep time and it spits out a list of the recipes in its database that fit the criteria. Try it!



The app EatingWell: Healthy in a Hurry features 200 tantalizing recipes previously published on EatingWell’s magazine or website. It’s a great reference to have in the kitchen!


Grocery iQ

I LOVE this app! It has made grocery shopping so much less of a chore for me. It has the basic functionality of creating a shopping list, but moreover, you can set the order of the aisles in your particular grocery store. Then, when you do make a shopping list, it automatically arranges the items in the order in which you will arrive at them first in the grocery store! Once you add a certain item to your cart, you then just check it off the list in your iPod or iPhone! No pen or paper required! Seriously, I can’t stop raving about this app. I would have bought an iPod a long time ago for this.


Whole Foods

Although I am not lucky enough to have the luxury of a Whole Foods store nearby (sigh), this app is still quite useful. You can list up to 3 ingredients you have on hand, and it will return a list of recipes that you can make with said ingredients. Pretty handy when you can’t figure out what to make for dinner! The Whole Foods app also offers a shopping list feature and a store locator.



This app is huge database of recipes that’s also intuitive. For example, on its home screen, right now it’s featuring Halloween Treats, Fall Desserts, and Oktoberfest Dishes. Not to mention the 25,000 professionally created recipes available!



The Urbanspoon app is great for deciding on where to eat. You simply choose your city/location, type of cuisine you want, and how much you want to spend. You shake your iPod or iPhone, and the app returns a randomly selected restaurant that fits the criteria (along with reviews of said restaurant)! Don’t like what it returned? Shake again for another restaurant!