Upcoming Posts and Rose-Tinted Goggles

Hey all,

So, I was planning to do a post today on peanut butter cookies, but when I started photographing the process, I realized my camera was having some weird pink tint issues. At first I thought it was just my fluorescent light, but then I photographed an incandescent-lit shot and it was still pink. So then, I played around with the white balance, and eventually adjusted it so it fixed the pink tint issue (mostly). But the photos all looked really bland and sortof… dim.

Now, I am a total photography noob of course,but I do know that natural light is always best. So I’m going to wait until possibly Monday or Tuesday to try again on my cookies and photographs.

Until then, you’ll just have to bear with this list of enticing dishes that I plan to blog about in the near future.

–         Peach preserves

–         Tomato salsa re-visited

–         How to make your own puff pastry

–         Eggplant something-or-other (Parm maybe)

–         Basil pesto

–         PB Cookies

–         Lemon curd (possibly in phyllo tarts)

I hope to accurately capture the best of the end-of-summer bounty, as well as fall goodies.

I’m also planning to do a big series on Halloween party foods and ideas in October (which I’m super excited about!). Stay tuned! 😀