New Printable Recipes and Larger Photos!

Hi, everyone! I’m still here, and mostly still sane. My camera is officially listed as “in shop” on Nikon’s website, which means they have actually started working on it. Hopefully it won’t take much longer now!

So, in my camera’s downtime, I’ve been making small upgrades to the site here and there. The most obvious is that I have added printable versions for each of my recipes, so look for this button

if there’s a recipe you want to print out for later! I know it’s not exactly an eco-friendly solution, but I just don’t like having my laptop in the kitchen. I am usually messy… so it doesn’t turn out well for me.

This also provides the recipe in a concise form if you don’t want to browse through all of the photos and rambling. 😛

The other obvious change (although this was made a couple of weeks ago) was that I increased the width of the main blog post column, allowing room for larger photos. I increased the size of photos I post from 420 to 650 pixels, which is a significant change and should increase the potential for mouthwatering-ness.

Other changes involve individual post meta tags/titles and search engine optimization, which 99.9% of you don’t care about.. so yeah. Well, maybe 99.6%. I have a lot of geeky friends.

I’m constantly trying to improve my site, so if you ever have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to comment or send me an e-mail!