So, everything was going so well. I called Nikon to check my camera’s status around Monday of last week, and repairs were set to be finished by around Friday.

I logged into the customer service/repair section of their site to check my camera’s status Friday night. Its status was no longer listed as “in shop.” A new, ominous status appeared, “re-estimate.”

What? What does that mean? They already gave me an estimate… right?

Right. And it didn’t matter. Apparently they didn’t notice the broken CCD sensor the first time around, and let me tell you… CCD sensors are expensive.

What was the new estimate, you ask?

Oh, you know… more than I paid for the camera (and two lenses) in the first place. Nothing too serious. Only $584.23.





So, it’s off to new camera-ville. For anyone keeping track, that’s 2 cameras in 2 months. This time though, I’m getting a 3-year warranty including accident protection. AKA idiot-proof, klutz-proof, no-fail peace of mind guarantee for the suckers like me of the world.

Hopefully things turn out better. I’m going to be ordering the camera tomorrow, so here’s hoping it arrives by the end of the week.

Immediately after I discovered the re-estimate of $580some, I went to icanhascheezburger to chuckle at LOLcats and hopefully wallow a little less in my own sorrow. Ironically, this picture was on the first page. $%^$.

I’m not going to ask what else can go wrong. That’s like the equivalent of the not-so-clever heroine of a horror movie running to the second floor of her house with no escape from the axe murderer asking what else could go wrong. What? Over-dramatic? No, I don’t think I am. Why do you ask?


Getting super excited about Halloween party planning. I know, it’s not even October yet. Shut up. I only have a FEW decorations out. And the entire menu planned.

Will include, but not limited to:

These Cookies

A cheddar cheese ball

Chocolate pots de creme

Something with puff pastry

Something with bacon

Something with pumpkin

A lot more somethings

..and lots of candy!

I plan to post some great dessert and appetizer recipes on here for you in advance in case you’re planning a festive party, as well. So many posts that I want to make! October is going to be a busy month!

I hope you bear with me! There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Really, this time. I hope. Please?




9/28 UPDATE: New camera ordered! The arrival estimate from Amazon is October 4! Maybe they’ll be super awesome and it’ll arrive early? Maybe?